Our Story

                                                                                             MEET THE FOUNDER

"I created Akoya Studios with genuine excitement to create a new generation of high-quality, sustainable fashion that provides women with a stylish lifestyle staple. Before starting Akoya Studios I would purchase eyewear in hopes that the next pair wouldn't disappoint as the  previous had. I found myself being repeatedly left with broken frames, poor UV protection and irritated skin due to the plastic material. I can now happily say that my hunt for the perfect frame is over. My hope is that others can find their everyday sun staple."

- Claire, Founder


Founded in 2021, Akoya Studios is an independent Canadian eyewear brand creating vintage-inspired sunglasses to empower and uplift women of today. Our collection has been carefully crafted and curated to achieve a range of flattering shapes and brilliant bright colours to suit any season and occasion, to encompass decades of wonderous style.

Each product is sustainably designed and produced with minimal waste and quality top of mind. All Akoya Studios products are made of high-quality Acetate. Acetate is an organic plant-based protein popularized in the 1940s to varnish airplanes. Durability, sustainability, and striking colours are fundamental characteristics of this material. Our Acetate is also hypoallergenic and therefore causes less irritation to sensitive skin.

At Akoya Studios we know the struggle of trying to find a fashion item you love to wear and feel confident in. When you do find it, often having to sacrifice wearing it for a more practical option. That's why our lenses are category 4 CR39 UV400 shatter-resistant lenses that offer 100% UV protection, protecting your eyes from UVA and UVB radiation. To protect and care for your eyes, face, and body.